7th Grade Technology /Information Literacy HEX Course Classroom Rules

·Please come into the library and find a seat at a table with your computer. This is a great time for you to talk to your classmates about questions over assignments or just to talk about your day. :)

·Mrs. Miller will give you the day’s directions. Please wait for these before you start anything.

- There are no games allowed unless you get permission.

·Mrs. Miller will state in the lesson if it is to be completed individually or with a partner. If it is an individual assignment, please complete it quietly and with little talking. You may talk with your partner during group projects. Please respect those around you with your noise level.

·You must be kind and helpful to others while in the library and computer lab. We are all learning together and are incredible resources for one another.

·When it is time to leave, please pick up your spaces in the library. Please return any supplies or books that you were using to Mrs. Miller.

·If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come to Mrs. Miller to get your assignment. You will have time to complete what you missed and Mrs. Miller will help you get this done.

·And a few more simple rules in Mrs. Miller’s class….

Have fun, be honest, be happy, follow the rules, and always ask questions when you need help. I am here to help you in your journey to become an independent learner!

Please contact me if you have any questions about yourself or the Technology/Information Literacy HEX.
Shannon Miller 996-2222, ext. 151 smiller@vanmeter.k12.ia.us