7th Grade Technology/Information Literacy HEX Syllabus

In 7th grade, all students will be taking the Technology/Information Literacy HEX course for seven weeks.

Students will have their own MacBook this year. I will focus on teaching the students iLife on the Mac’s, which includes iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, iWeb, and iDVD. I will also teach the applications included in iWorks which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. They will also create comics using ComicLife. Using these various applications they will create movies, dvd’s, podcasts, music, powerpoints, documents, tables, and other useful things. The students will post their projects on their iWeb page called uNEWS! We will be reporting, interviewing, writing, and gathering great news from around our school to create uNEWS using their MacBook’s. This will allow the students to demonstrate that they have a beginning understanding of these amazing programs that will be used throughout their secondary career.

This class will also focus on information literacy skills such as research skills, using resources available within and outside of the library (including the Iowa AEA Online resources), internet safety and using the internet as a reliable and safe resource, plagiarism, copyright law, and learning how to be lifelong learners. The students will also be learning about new technology called Web 2.0 tools. These include blogs, wiki’s, and online communities such as Ning’s, Google Doc’s, and other wonderful tools that will help them in their learning process in the 21st century.

As the teacher librarian in Van Meter, I look forward to inspiring our students in their quest for knowledge, new technologies, and becoming independent learners. Please let me know if you ever have any questions. I will be happy to assist any learners at Van Meter in their journey too.

Shannon Miller 996-2222, ext. 151 smiller@vanmeter.k12.ia.us